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Entry and Mid-Level Hospitality Managers
7 hours
Hospitality Managers Certification

Course Description

Gain access to the best management training in hospitality with RCSU's Hospitality Management Certification course. The certification is based on completion of (7) seven courses each approximately 60 minutes in duration. Assessments are required after chapters and courses and 100% pass rate is required to progress through the course, otherwise user is required to retake the chapter in question.

Courses include: 

Key Learning Outcomes of the Hospitality Manager Certificate:

The HMC program will enhance and improve management skills in 7 specific areas:

  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Effective and Smart Decision-Making
  • Influential, Positive Communication
  • Creating a Motivating Workplace Culture
  • Leading and Managing Teams
  • Delivering Hospitality-Centric Customer Service
  • Setting & Achieving Goals using Time Management

Professionals also gain access to the "Community" of Hospitality Managers during their 120 day access to RCSU. Connect with other professionals, build your network, job search, attend mentor events and manager round tables hosted by RCS Hospitality Group.

Additional BONUS! content is included encompassing various popular topics shared on previous webinars or online discussion forums. Topics include: Writing Schedules That Work, Creating A Training Plan, Goal Planning & Time Management, Developing a Quality Workforce and more!

$399 for 6 month access!

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Whitney Reid Pennell
Founder and President, RCSU

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