intended audience
60 minutes

Course Description

In this Beverage Cart Operations course, users will learn:

  • important points of golf etiquette
  • how to understand and adapt to the expectations of their customers, whether it is a private club member, a public course golfer, or a guest at a semi-private club
  • safety in operating a beverage cart
  • proper customer service skills when interacting with golfers on the course
  • inventory management
  • the nuts and bolts of stocking, preparing, driving, caring for, and unstocking a cart

This fun, informative course is customized for private club employees and public course employees, and lays the groundwork for new beverage cart employees. One of the downloadable documents included as an additional resource for students of this course contains follow up questions to ask their manager, filling in the gaps with information unique to your organization.

This course contains both interactive questions within the course videos and end-of-chapter tests.


Whitney Reid Pennell
Founder and President, RCSU

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