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RCSU has been able to provide us with uniformed education in the Member vs. Customer arena to maintain even and unilateral training to individuals who have yet to work in the Private Club Industry. RCSU has also removed the issues of multiple trainers with different personalities which maintains consistent direction to our staff in service to our members.”

Matthew Mulherin

Quincy Country Club

We, at KSGCC, chose the RCSU online university due to it’s simplicity and ability to track.  We assign our service staff weekly videos to watch which are from a 5-15 minutes in length that go over the basics – things that all clubs are training.  This allows us to teach the specifics when our staff is on property. We have been pleased as management with the results. Our staff might joke about it, but their skill level has increased!

Jason Feller, CCM

Kennett Square Golf and Country Club

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A manager's time is incredibly valuable, and training high turnover positions several times a year can be demanding. Virtual training reduces this burden by decreasing in-person training time.


Online virtual learning is accessible and allows students (particularly those for whom English is a second language) to learn at their own pace.

Many younger members of the current workforce, and up and coming members of the Generation Z workforce, are already familiar with and even expectant of online learning opportunities.


Virtual hospitality training through RCSU offers the opportunity to learn firsthand from experts who have developed proven, time-tested techniques over decades of experience. RCSU also provides plentiful additional resources like virtual office hours, workbooks, downloadable documents, worksheets, and so much more.


With RCSU virtual training, you know what you're getting each and every time. No need to worry that a crucial skill may have been overlooked or a concept wasn't fully explained. 


Give your team the tools they need to be successful and promote career growth. High quality virtual training improves skills more effectively than on-the-job training alone, and our breadth of courses gives students access to topics and content they might not have otherwise. 


Successful employees are happier, more likely to perform at a high level, and stay longer--effectively allowing you to promote from within and reduce expensive turnover and recruiting costs. 


Well trained employees are empowered to provide the kind of extraordinary service that keeps your guests not just "satisfied"-- because that just isn't good enough anymore -- but delighted and coming back for more, which drives further revenue for your operation.


Providing a solid foundation of basic skills through e-learning allows employees to immediately focus on the more nuanced areas of your operation, enabling them to assimilate into your team and connect to the organization more quickly. Employees that are able to "find their niche" more quickly are less likely to wash out in the first few weeks.


How will you use your training budget this year? RCSU is designed to maximize your investment as an affordable and more efficient solution to year-round training needs.


We can create completely customized training for your operation with your branding, your training standards, and content that ensures that your unique message is heard. Contact us to find out about making this high-return investment in your team.

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