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A Better Way to Train

Brought to you by RCS Hospitality Group, awarded Staff Training Company of the Year in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023!

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virtual Hospitality training

Customize Your Staff Training

Make staff training fun and engaging with customized training videos recorded in-house and housed on RCSU. It's quick & easy!

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Trackable Results

RCSU offers easy to create and use tracking reports. Show up to your next meeting with factual data on training progress.

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virtual Hospitality training

Recorded & Live Webinars

RCSU offers recorded webinars on a variety of topics, like Debt Management, Onboarding volunteer Committee and Board Members, Creating Schedules That Work and more!

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virtual Hospitality training

New Employee Onboarding

Our subscribers are re-inventing their new hire onboarding experience with RCSU. They're getting new hires up and running quicker, so they can become contributors of value on Day One!

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virtual Hospitality training

Continuing Education

Existing PGA and CMAA Members can earn education credits for their respective associations. Most RCSU courses have been pre-approved by the PGA for MSR Credit(s).

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virtual Hospitality training

Prepare for the Future, Today

RCSU now offers a Hospitality Manager Certification Program. Earn a certificate to give you a competitive advantage and show employers that you're serious about your future in the industry.


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Welcome to RCSU - Revolutionizing Hospitality Training to Transform Your Team.

In the next few minutes, we'll introduce a game-changer. Explore how RCSU enhances service consistency, elevates team skills and knowledge, and empowers busy managers and HR directors to efficiently train their entire team year-round without depending on a particular manager or person’s individual time. Learn about our interactive courses, additional downloadable tools and resources, and personalized progress tracking to support your training efforts.

Let's talk training
Because our world has become more global and interconnected than ever, full motion video-based virtual training through RCSU is a natural extension of our company growth and onsite training programs. RCSU provides accessible, comprehensive, and uniquely interactive hospitality virtual training courses to private clubs, public golf courses, casinos, luxury hotels, spas, fine dining restaurants, and high-end resorts around the world.

Increased Knowledge

Using RCSU, your team will learn everything they need to know A-Z when it comes to learning how to deliver supreme customer service. From how grooming standards, to answering the phone or greeting a guest they will learn how everything plays a role in the customers experience. Food and Beverage personnel will learn how to set tables, serve guests, role play difficult scenarios and learn the art of suggestive selling. Golf operation teams will learn how to run the golf shop counter, how to make decisions and manage revenues. Across the board RCSU will educate your people on the art of hospitality, they NEED to know this information to successfully do what you’re asking of them.

Increased Confidence & Improved Customer Experience

When you train with RCSU, your people will gain confidence as they develop an understanding of what role they play in the overall operation and customer experience. Empower your team to care for your customers when they understand the organizations mission and values. Trust staff members to turn around negative encounters and make things “right” at every opportunity.

Better Use of Time

Onboard new hires quicker and easier using RCSU. Keep employees engaged and evolving through a consistent and continuous training program.

RCSU allows you to customize your training center with custom courses that you can record and upload on your specific SOP’s. Stop repeating yourself! We will eliminate the number of times you have to give direction to staff on the most menial tasks. Record it, upload it and assign the course until habits form and tasks get done correctly and consistently!

What You'll Discover

Professional Appearance & Grooming Practices
Communication Skills
Building Relationships
Phone Skills
Customer Recovery
Training is not something you did, it's something you do.
— Whitney Pennell

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