intended audience
1 hour, 15 minutes
(1) PGA MSR; Hospitality Manager Certification

Course Description

The Latin root word for motivation is “move”. So motivation is the basic idea of ‘action’ – ‘movement’ in some direction. Creating a motivating work environment is not always easy. But with a motivated work environment, it is easy to see. In a motivated work environment, cooperation is evident. There is obvious respect amongst peers, management, and customers. There is a clear sense of team spirit with little to no absenteeism. In a motivated work environment, employees value their customers / members, rather than viewing them as a nuisance.

With this type of environment, deadlines are easily met and people are having fun! An engaged and dynamic leadership team creates this environment. Managers must work hard at keeping the work environment motivating for the staff.

This program outlines the seven steps of motivational success and provides tips on what to do if you “lose your team spirit”. Communication examples are provided to demonstrate employee perspective.

When we are finished with this program, participants will:

• understand the connection between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

• understand the seven steps to motivational success

• be able to list five steps for coping with change on the job

• be able to identify de-motivators and know how to get back on track

• be able to create an environment in which your employees know what’s expected of them and feel

passionate about doing their jobs


Whitney Reid Pennell
Founder and President, RCSU

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