intended audience
Intended Audience: Entry to mid-level managers & supervisors, and anyone that wants to move up the ladder to success
60 minutes
RCS Management Certification Level 1; Hospitality Manager Certification

Course Description

This comprehensive course is geared towards entry to mid-level managers and supervisors, and anyone wishing to move up the ladder to success.

Broken down into a "Top 10" list, What Every New Manager Should Know is a great course to help you become a consummate professional in the hospitality industry.

Concepts covered include:

1. Hire Right

2. Learn About EQ

3. Look the Part

4. Be Impeccable With Your Word

5. Contain Your Emotions

6. Know Your Audience

7. Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

8. Seek Out Information

9. The Financial Side

10. Commit to Continuous Self Improvement

This course contains both interactive questions within the course videos and end-of-chapter tests.


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