intended audience
30 minutes
RCS Certification Level 1

Course Description

Making the Call for Private Clubs is designed for any staff member of a private club that speaks to members on the phone. We'll discuss proper telephone etiquette and skills that are expected in a private club environment.

In this short and sweet hospitality training course, users will:

  • learn how to appropriately handle a phone call from start to finish
  • be made familiar with words and phrases that should be used, and those to avoid
  • understand how to deftly manage unhappy callers
  • learn how to leave a voicemail, take a message, & transfer a call
  • discuss general tips and tricks for tone of voice, pacing, and delivery

Proper telephone etiquette is a key skill that all private club employees should have. This short course will empower users with knowledge that will allow them to feel confident, efficient, and effective when on the phone.

This course contains both interactive questions within the course videos and end-of-chapter tests.


Whitney Reid Pennell
Founder and President, RCSU

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