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30 minutes

Course Description

In this short course, Host 101, users will learn what is expected of them as a host, hostess, or greeter at a restaurant and how to deliver an excellent service experience to their guests.

The material covers the following:

  • Understanding Your Role
  • Uniform Standards​
  • The Three Steps of Hospitality Service
  • Preparing For Your Shift
  • Reservations
  • Table Numbers
  • Guiding Guests
  • Remaining Aware
  • The Fond Farewell

This is a great training video that is wonderful for a first day on the job OR a refresher for seasoned staff, and will help hosts understand that their job is so much more than just greeting and leading guests to a table.

This course contains end-of-chapter tests.


Whitney Reid Pennell
Founder and President, RCSU

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