2022 Will Be Refreshing

2021 sure has brought some unexpected twists and turns. One thing we learned this year is that we are all ready for a new year bringing new energy to us all. RCS is the place to re-energize your staff as we restart the year in 2022

Click the images below to learn more about how to start your 2022 planning with RCS. These special offers disappear when we say goodbye to 2021, so act now!

RCSU 2022 Deal-Black Friday

RCSU is an excellent training tool for your staff and managers. With over 30 hours of timely and relevant full-motion video hospitality courses, Going on now through the end of 2021, Sign up for one year of RCSU and receive one month free, billing to begin January 2022.

RCSU subscribers always are eligible for onsite training discounts, but through the end of 2021, subscribers who book their 2022 onsite training will receive an additional 5% off, on top of the 10% RCSU subscriber discount-- that's a $750 value!

Onsite Training 2022 Promotion

Schedule your onsite training before the end of 2021 for 2022 and receive $300 off one full day of training or $150 off a half- day session.

Book your 2022 Onsite training with RCS before the end of 2021 and save $300 off one full day of training or $150 off a half-day session. This offer includes any onsite kitchen training but cannot be combined with any other offers.

Blog Post written by:
Whitney Reid Pennell
Founder and President, RCSU