This popular RCS program is intended to help all private club employees and management understand the service nuances that come with serving private club members.

Whether you work at a country club, yacht club, tennis club, sports club, social club, or golf club, this is a must-have hospitality training course for you.

During Member Service 101, users will:

  • delve into the mind of a member to understand their expectations

  • examine the kind of investment that members make in their club

  • discuss how every member wants to feel

  • learn how to deliver exceptional personalized service to the membership


If you come from a hotel, resort, or restaurant background, this will be a critically important course for you. Private clubs are a unique environment unlike any other area of hospitality, and in order to deliver the best possible service and succeed in your position, you will need to understand these nuances. 

Even if you have worked in a private club for a while, it is strongly suggested that you take this course as a refresher, to shed new light on something you already know, and perhaps to help you see new perspectives.

Are you ready?

This course contains both interactive questions within the course videos and end-of-chapter tests.






  • ~40 minutes

  • All private club staff  

  • Cheat cards 

  • RCSU Workbook for note taking

  • Closed captioning (English*)

  • English narration*

  • Mobile friendly




 Which language would  you like to see our  programs delivered in?  Contact us to let us  know!

A key introductory course to the unique world of private club member service!

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