Whether you're brand new to the world of virtual training, want to get a feel for the user interface, or would simply like to take a look around the innovative RCSU system, we are delighted to offer a FREE TRIAL for your use. 


Please see below for what's included.

The Free Trial Includes


Within the free trial there are snippets of several programs: G.R.A.C.I.O.U.S. Service, Member Service 101, Train the Trainer and Beverage Cart Operations. 

  • The full courses and training library are not available during the trial; however, these are some of our most popular programs and should give you an in-depth view of the course content quality. 

  • Accordingly, the only downloadable resources that will be available to you in the File Vault during trial access are a selection of various types of documents included with the programs.




If you've already enjoyed a free trial and would like more information or your questions answered, click here to book a free 15-minute virtual tour for a sneak peek at the ease of user creation, the capabilities of progress and tracking reports, the convenient "watchdog" feature, and more.

Having trouble? 

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