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Start with these and your team will be off to a great start - just couple these with the management programs for your leaders and watch your service levels increase!

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Beverage Cart Operations

Fun and engaging program for beverage cart attendants with information on

  • beverage cart care,

  • inventory management,

  • merchandising,

  • professional appearance,

  • approaching golfers,

  • navigating the course,

  • responsible alcohol service,

  • pace of play, 

  • general customer / member service.

On Stage

In the Hospitality Business we are always ON STAGE! This course likens the performance of food and beverage service to a live show. Participants will be taken through the parallels of a dress rehearsal, the musical score, Acts I-IV, the grand finale and the epilogue. Along the way we discuss actors, directors, knowing their lines, and use of props in service.

Host 101

This short course will teach what is expected as a host, hostess or greeter. The importance of first impressions, uniform and grooming standards, using a reservation system, and the three steps of service are highlighted along with using table and seat numbers. 

Participants will understand their role, how to be aware in the dining room and many service details of their job.

Member Service 101

This popular RCS program is intended to help all private club employees and managers understand the service nuances that come with serving private club members. Member Service 101 highlights:

  • the mind of a member

  • understand the relationship between investment and expectations

  • the four ways every member wants to feel

  • how to deliver exceptional personalized service to the membership

Making the Call: Telephone Etiquette in Private Clubs

Proper telephone etiquette is a key skill that all private club employees should have. This program shows users: 

  • how to handle a phone call from start to finish

  • what words and phrases should be used, and those to avoid

  • how to deftly manage unhappy callers

  • how to leave a voicemail, take a message, & transfer a call

  • general tips and tricks for tone of voice, pacing, and delivery


Practicing Positive Communication

Using positive communication can dramatically decrease the chances of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or workplace conflict.

Since communication impacts every area of our professional and personal life, this course is offered in two versions:

  1. for managers

  2. for employees


In hospitality and service recovery, communication can make or break the outcome.


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